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Detached House for sale Nea Tirintha

Detached House for sale Nea Tirintha

€ 290,000 303 m2

On a plot of 10 acres detached house total area of 423 sq.m. The house has been fully landscaped including a large 2 acre garden with its own water, a pool of 65 sq.m., a roofed barbecue 30 sq.m. while it's all fenced in the front there is a stone wall. The plot is bright on two streets...

Detached House for sale Argos

Detached House for sale Argos

€ 80,000 120 m2

Detached house for sale in Argos, 120 sqm. The detached house is located in a residential area on a 625m² independent plot. It is built in 2013 and is in an incomplete condition. Delivered and finished by agreement with tiled flooring aluminum frames with double glazed windows, screens,...

Land Plot for sale Vitina

Land Plot for sale Vitina

€ 77,000 771 m2

VITINA 220 10, N/A 771 sq.m., ground floor, county house, for investment, at residential area, for commercial use, front facing, distance from city 1.500 m., with zoning n/a, level inclination, road width 4 m., plot facade 17 m., plot length 47 m., coverage factor 0,60, builds residence...

Apartment for sale Nafplio

Apartment for sale Nafplio

€ 160,000 100 m2

ΝΑΥΠΛΙΟ 211 00, N/A 100 sq.m., 1st floor 100 sq.m., luxurious, for investment, at residential area, year of construction 2017, 3 b/r, living room, bathroom, 1 WC, kitchen, double-sided, front facing, bright, heating n/a, solar panel, with floor type n/a, with n/a joinery, double glazing,...


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Welcome to Real Argolida. The agency of Argolis, which operates in the property market with great success since 1997.

We undertake all kinds of real estate transactions such as sales - rental apartments, commercial premises, hotels, land and property areas throughout the region of Argolida.

Our offices in collaboration with other agencies in Athens and all Greece, can provide a high level of service and facilitate the assignment of any property purchase or sale.

An English proverb states that "Many things are lost because they do not know who to ask" when you ask what is the fulfillment of a dream, then you need to know where to turn.

Acquiring a property of any kind is a goal and desire for many anthropous.To Real Argolida can fulfill your desires with the best possible way, why has the experience having been active in real estate with great success since 1997.

Take any kind of real estate transactions such as rental and selling apartments, commercial premises, hotels, land and property areas throughout the region of Argolida and beyond. It also undertakes assessments of your property, and proper management of your property.

Can you provide a high level of service and facilitate the award of sale or purchase of any property because, among other things working with other realtors in Attica and the rest of Greece.

Select Real Argolida because:

He has the knowledge. With a long experience and progress in the area of ​​land, can meet the demands and expectations and to propose solutions which will first guide you correctly and secondly to meet your specifications economically and reliably.

Provides Legal Support:

In any collaboration with the consent of the client can in principle provide you with one of the lawyers working for better, faster and reliable legal control of the property and secondly can play and you carry a notarized.

Advertising campaign:

The Real Argolida has a strong and lasting presence in the promotion of the property for sale on the market, in local newspapers and the internet on our website , where the presence of the estate is impressive and progressive renewable.

It aims to jumpstart your convenience-driven confidence, sincerity, honesty and professionalism that distinguishes and characterizes the Real Argolida.

We are in the city of Argos in the center in Danao road 25 to the ground floor to the elementary school.

Also in the area of ​​Nafplion find us on the ground floor street Thessaloniki 9 beside the Bank Eurobank and Bank of Cyprus.

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